1st entry in 2006

January 07, 2006

love is...when you and your husband eat sambel tempe on your anniversary night..and all is right with your world!!..hehehe...yupe yupe yesterday was our 3rd year anniversary, hope our special bond will last a lifetime...amiin!!

d's two bestfriends are getting married tomorrow, same date, same time..untung aja dua dua nya nggak kenal kenal banget dan main sama temen2 yang berbeda..kalo enggak kan bingung aja yang di undang ke dua duanya yaa, hehe. my very bestfriend just got engaged too today, on our wedding anniversary...january is indeed full of joy!!

anyway...happy new year to everyone too...another year filled with expectations and resolutions. Hope everyone will have a better year in 2006.

my parents just moved to a new house two days ago, mudah2an rumah yang baru selalu aman ya, nyaman, membawa berkah dan kedamaian buat penghuninya..amiin. setelah gue pikir pikir..gue tuh sering banget pindah yah, pindahan summer kemaren ke rumah ini adalah kepindahan rumah gue yang ke 22!!!..and i've only lived for 26.5 years..tsk tsk..i guess that explains why i don't get too attached easily..:p

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