when two hearts beat as one

May 14, 2005

today, the person that i consider my bestest friend in the world is getting married. i'm so happy for her...walaupun sedih juga karena nggak bisa ikut menyaksikan moment penting ini...but i'm praying for her from here...for her to always be happy together, to have a life-long marriage, a loving, growing and gratifying relationship and to be blessed with beautiful children.

i know i'm not an expert when it comes to marriage..but if i have one advice for her *or for any married women for that matter* it would be this...never ever let the husband see your shopping receipt...that's a no no..trust me, it'll save you from a lot of trouble...heheheh.....

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  1. Wah, Han...nice input. I think I'll try this one out myself juga deh, hehehehe.

  2. hihihi..you should girl..they will not complain to see us with our pretty clothes everyday..but they will when they know how much we've spent for those clothes...:D