New Domain

October 09, 2004 is having a huge sale to celebrate their 7th birthday. They give away 777 acounts for just $0.77 per month!!..that equals to $9.24 per year (800 MB and other fancy features)..and plus the domain is free. I couldn't resist that...i mean..who could?!?!..The original price is $119.40 per that's a lot of saving right there. This is perfect for someone who wants to have a domain but don't know if it will be useful or not...even if you won't be using it that least it kills your curiousity.. and also it's not a bad idea to secure the domain that you want..cause domain is like men...all the good ones are taken!!. I wanted to repurchase my but someone already purchased it last it is!!

It's gloomy here in st. louis, probably because Bush is here??..hehe...the presidential debate takes place here in St. louis, in Washington University to be exact. Bush and John Kerry have arrived last night..and they will be here until tomorrow. I missed their first debate session..I heard Kerry kicked Bush azz..hope he'll do it again tonight.

Anyway..I just got a new niece last week..her name is Affra. Her mom was actually my highschool friend..isn't it kinda weird that one of your friends becomes your sister in law??..I haven't met her since she officially became my sister in law I don't really know how it feels. The baby must be really pretty cause she got a good gene on her, her parents are both good looking people..the mom was one of the Femina girls..and the dad was one of the abang jakarta who came out as the audience's favorite one. Anyway..congratulation for them..hope they enjoy the baby as much as I enjoy Jibran..=))..

Got to continue my study now..i have 3 chapters (out of 8) to go...Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

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  1. Mbak Hani, you have a good gene as well. A really good gene...buktinya juga ada, Jibran tu...hehehe ;)

  2. Thanx yach udah ngebener2x -in template gue, yang kemaren teh berantakan amat......;-)

  3. hey mba'.... gimana examnya? A+ kan??? =)

  4. hannn..makasihh yaa atas ucapannya..ingat aja kok kadonya lupa? hihigpp bisa dikasih Desember kok pas kt ketemuan (maksa).iya tolooongggg doain gue biar gue gemukan one and only wish tuh.lah sister in law..emang lo punya kk cowo?

  5. MANDE: I think Jibran took it from someone else..i wonder who...hehehe...FARI: Siip tuuh udah rame sekarang blognya..sering2 nulis yaa...ETHA: Ah kamu macam feedback di ebay aja A++++++..hehehe...LEESSAAA: Iya dong inget..hehe...ya nanti december yaah..maunya apa?..:p