King James is in Da House!!

October 21, 2004

Before I forget..Happy Ramadhan untuk semua yang berpuasa...mudah2an puasanya lancar dan tidak bolong2. Mohon maaf lahir batin ya..=)

Watched Cavaliers Vs. Chicago Bulls game at the Savvis Center last saturday. Sshhh..don't tell anyone...but it was my first nba game..hehehe. I was happy to see a few familiar faces like drew gooden, hinrich, duhon, luong deng (sp?) that I knew from their college basketball years. After that we all went to Manda's house and even had sahur together at around 2 o'clock..and finally went home at 2.30 in the morning.

We had a permias election in the afternoon on the same day. Dinar is the new president, Etha is the new secretary and Mikie is the new treasurer..we also had an Indonesian Student Association at UMSL election at the same time..Sigit is the vp and Manda is the secretary..they both have served last year and got reelected for the new officer..and Wulan is the SGA representative. (ps:their blogs can be accessed through my exit page). Congrats to all of you..I think it's something to have a lot of people trust you to lead an organization, it says a lot about you..especially your leadership skill. More power to the girls who ocupy most of the positions..yay..*lho kok jadi feminisme gini*..hihi. Btw, Girl/Woman power is actually one bright side that we can see if Bush gets that Hillary can run for president in 2008.

Hari minggu nya went to global food and pengajian.

Monday: Monday is not so membetekan anymore now that my class is on tuesday. got my i didn't fast..bikin makanan banyak...bakwan dan tahu goreng, rendang dan es teler.

Tuesday: School day, i'm happy with my group. sebelum sekolah mampir bubble tea dulu. siangnya sempet masak2 lagi, this time is sambel tempe. Epi was home went i went back from school.

Wednesday: Stayed at home the whole day, tried to clean up the whole did i get into all of these mess!?!..bikin nasi uduk..yum yum

Thursday: Jibran's school day, abis itu mungkin jalan2 ke galleria dan ke target.

ttyl everyone!

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  1. Mbak Hani!!!! Awsome pics!!!!! Boleh minta gak mbak???? Hehehe...makasih juga dah diberi kepercayaan oleh teman2 sekalian....:P padahal dah pengen pensiun:P LOL. Oh yah... thanks buat saran2nya juga yah....PeaceC-git

  2. Boleh boleh git..nanti di kirim ke email deh ya yang aslinya...

  3. mbak hani ..apa kabar?