Kerry defeats Bush

October 16, 2004

How's that for a headline after the election day next month?..;). I just watched Fahrenheit 9/11 last night..*finally..finally*..and i should say..WOW..i'm impressed with how neatly all the scenes, series, footages and soundtracks are being put together..I thought it was going to be a boring documentary..turns out I was wrong. He keeps the whole movie interesting..and the movie is a really thought provoking one. Definitely a must see for everybody despite his/her political bent or even if he/she is not into politic at all. It'll make you laugh, cry, sad and mad at the same time.

There are a lot of aspects that Michael Moore brings into the movie, from the connection between President Bush and the Saudis, to the war on Afghanistan, 9/11 attack, how the bush administration exploited 9/11 to heigthen the fear level of the public so they'll turn to their leader and allow him to do whatever it takes to make them feel safe..*and that's when the administration use it to make the people believe that the war on iraq was justified*. He was also talked about the election in Florida, the President Inauguration day *where an egg was thrown into Bush's limo*, the US military recruitment, the companies that benefit from the war and the allegation that Bush helped the family of Osama to fly out of US ater 9/11 without questioning them, etc, etc.

Some of the soldiers in Iraq were interviewed and it is disturbing to me to find out that some were so pumped up to kill those innocent people that they sing "Burn, Motherfucker, burn" while attacking them..there is also a scene when the soldiers were making fun of the hostages. I think the message that Moore wanted to convey from that scene is, when you send them into an immoral war, they, in turn will act immorally.

Moore also talked about how Bush has cut budget for veterans, and when the woman whose son died in Iraq received his son's last was cut for 5 days for the days he didn't show up for work, because he was dead. I couldn't believe what I just saw!!. Other scene that I found interesting was seeing the reaction of President Bush when he was told that the nation is under attack. He just sit there, somewhere in florida kindergarten and continued on reading the story to the children for seven minutes. Don't you think a normal president would act immediately, excuse himself and tend to the most important matter of this country?? Didn't he want to know what exactly was going on, make a plan or whatever it was that he had to do??..Something is seriously wrong with him...and I hope the american will send his sorry ass back to texas next month.

For me personally, watching the movie makes me feel like i have finally found the validation that i've been looking for, he puts into context and connects all of the bits and pieces that I've only seen and heard abstractly. Sure, the movie may have been fabricated and some are probably misleading but at least there are footage of documents and interviews and news reports to back it up. Besides, I've come to realize that no matter how deep you look into, you can never find the truth about all of I decide to just believe what makes sense to me..and the movie does make sense to me...and plus one thing that no one can argue is that the basic premise is true that Bush has led the american into an illegal war. Sadam was not a threat, even Condoleezza Rice (national security advisor) admitted that in the summer of 2001 and that you will never find the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.

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  1. stuju2, I already watched it too. Hope Bush doesn't get re-elected so my hubby won't have to leave for Iraq *crossing fingers*

  2. Iiihh, Hani title -nya misleading nich.....;-p Sangkain beneran tapi koq hasilnya khan baru bulan depan.....;-p Setuju banget nich, moga2x headline -nya jadi beneran.....:-D

  3. baruuu aja pesen kemaren via amazon, han... mudah2an akhir bulan ini nyampe deh... ga sabar pengen cepet2 liat apalagi setelah hani bilang bagus :)

  4. Wihiiiii, template baru booooo.....^_^ Postingan barunya mana.....?!? Gimana khabar the Hanzkys (papa -nya jibby, mama -nya jibby, dan si jibby) anyway.....?!? ;-)

  5. Irish: Oh no...i hope he won't get sent to Iraq...*praying for you from here*..just tell Bush to send jenna and barbara first!..huhuFari: Hihi..makanya di baca dulu dong..:p. The hanzkys baik baik saja..bagaimana dengan the nasutions?...hehehe... Ninit: oh itu salah satu yang di tunggu tunggu yaa..mungkin minta kirim bajakannya dari indonesia malah lebih cepet nyampenya tuh nit?..hehehe...