Hello Seattle

March 16, 2004

Last sunday was the selection sunday, the time when the NCAA committee selects which team would be invited to the dance (NCAA Tournament), the spot is for 65 teams in which 30 something of those got an automatic bid by winning their conferences tournament. The rest are based on RPI and other things. Salukis didn't win the conference tournament...we went to see the game the previous weekend...jibran juga ikut..wearing his first jeans..hehe..we won the quarterfinals game but we lost at the semifinal...i don't wanna be a sore loser but a lot of people agreed that the official was unfair..perhaps it's an MVC conspiracy to get rid of SIU so other team can win the tournament allowing MVC to send 2 teams to the NCAA because had SIU won the title no other MVC school will get selected but if it is other school that won the game, SIU would be most likely still get selected since we have high RPI...you know what i mean..?..sending more teams to the NCAA is a big deal for every conferences as it's bring money and exposure for them..it's good for the conference.

Anyway..so our name was mentioned last sunday..as number 9 seed in the phoenix bracket..we'll be playing number 8 seed (Alabama) in Seattle this thursday..i don't know anything about alabama..but number 8 and 9 should be pretty equal...so it's a winnable game...and in college basketball game, anybody can beat anybody at anygiven time...ok unless it's seed 16 VS 1...i hope our guys will come out hot and get a deep run in the dance..If we can get by Alabama then we will face Standford in the second round..hehe..it should be an interesting game to watch.

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