February 25, 2004

Jibran just got his social security card in the mail yesterday..time for him to get a job??..hehe..

Ok i now decided to just use this domain for my blogging purpose..abis untuk apa juga ada 2 domain kan..i actually have registered my domain a couple of days ago, tapi ternyata gue salah nulis nomer telfon, the last numbernya tuh somehow gue salah ketik..jadi waktu hostingannya nelfon to verify..ya nggak ada lah they voided the application..and when i found out about it mereka nyuruh gue register lagi..tapi dah males jadinya..especially when i saw how much they charged me.. $220 in total for one whole year...widiihhh kapan2 aja kaliiii??.. Jadi tinggal history...nggak pa pa lah, nggak penting juga!

Skarang biarin aja deh template nya kaya gini dulu..kalo nungguin mo bikin layout dulu sih nggak ngeblog ngeblog dong yang ada, bisa sih pake layout yang lama..i just have to upload all the files, itu dia..with my limited online time..kayanya nggak sempet deh. Tag board or komenbox juga nggak ada...abisnya gimana much as i love having lots of people dropping a line or does take time to answer all of those...Oh well.....

My mom and my grandma left last weekend, we all went to chicago to take them to the airport..sebenernya tadinya mereka mo berangkat dari st. louis aja tapi ada kejadian yang panjang bener kalo di ceritain disini..jadinya berangkat dari chicago. So it was jibran's first out of town trip...belom juga 40 hari..udah asik jalan2 aja. Mungkin weekend ini juga mo ke watch the last home game of the season..btw can't you believe that the salukis is now ranked 16 in the country?!?!..woohoo..*bows down* I'm so proud of my dawgs..Before the season started..we were ranked 5th in our conference..since our 2 best players are gone and change of we're number 1 and has been undefeated all season long in our conference and number 16 in the country!!!'s good to be underrated, it makes you hungry and motivate you to prove them wrong...!


1. Stanford (64)

2. St. Joseph's (8)

3. Pittsburgh

4. Gonzaga

5. Duke

6. Oklahoma St.

7. Mississippi St.

8. Connecticut

9. Kentucky

10. Texas

11. Wake Forest

12. North Carolina

13. Providence

14. N.C. St.

15. Cincinnati

16. Southern Illinois.

17. Arizona

18. Georgia Tech

19. Memphis

20. Kansas

21. Louisville

22. Wisconsin

23. Illinois

24. Utah St.

25. Texas Tech

No Weber, No Williams, No Dearman..NO PROBLEM!!!!...

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