some random things

February 17, 2004

- my domain is expiring tomorrow..and i'm now shopping for a new current hosting is actually pretty reliable..but they don't have that much features compare to other hosting with the same price. So this site won't be accessible after tomorrow until i have transferred all the files to the new hosting..and i don't know when i'll be able to get it done...ah precious thing..i need more of you!!

-my mom has been trying to persuade me to let her bring Jibran home with her ..hehe..try harder mom...:P

-the local grocery store here, the one that i go a few times a week, just placed a new parking spot right in front of the entrance..and it's for expectant moms....perfect timing huh...just when i'm done being pregnant....

-my mom is going home this weekend..what am i gotta do?..i haven't even tried giving jibran a bath..

-I am supposedly going back to work last monday...but i don't think i'm ready..both physically and mentally..the thought of leaving him at the day care just make me feel like a horrible mom..

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