February 27, 2004

I let him cry for 10 minutes this afternoon..huhu, this was the first time i let him cry..kasian deh nangisnya sampe keluar air mata banyak. I actually don't believe in the crying it out method..especially if it's practiced on a 5 weeks old baby....but i was just curious on how it's going to turn out....he fell asleep when i fed i put him on the couch and then he started screaming, i usually picked him up right away but i waited for a few minutes this see if he would go back to sleep on his own..he stopped crying after five minutes but then he cried again until i finally picked him up 5 minutes afterwards...and no i didn't leave him crying by himself, i sat there beside him, trying to console him by patting and caressing him etc...-and i cried too by the way-...and then i realized that this is not going to work so i picked him up and he stopped crying

You see, I've never had a hard time putting him to sleep on his own before..pokonya kalo dia ketiduran pas lagi minum susu trus di taro di cribnya ato di tempat tidur or on the couch...dia bakalan tidur aja terus. It's all started since last week..pas nyokap gue mau balik somehow jibran maunya di peluk nyokap gue terus..mungkin berasa kali ya kalo mau di tinggal, tidur juga maunya di temenin...tambahan nenek gue juga disini ..yah namanya juga nenek2..apalagi ini buyut satu satunya dan dia cuma seminggu aja ketemunya...of course lah dia sibuk gendong2..dan mungkin sekarang jibrannya is so used to it..keenakan di peluk2 terus...iya emang enak sih kan di's warm and i'm sure he feels more comfortable and secure, apalagi ada sepupu gue yang masih 3 taun umurnya seminggu kemaren ini..namanya anak kecil kan..kalo ngomong suka teriak2..jadi jibran kalo lagi tidur suka kaget..tapi kalo sambil di pangku gitu tidurnya lama. Anyway..makanya nih semenjak nyokap dan nenek gue balik...jibran jadi susah banget untuk tidur sendiri during the day, always wanted to be can see that by reading my previous post..tapi kemaren udah mendingan, dia tidur sendirian for like 3 hours. Nah hari ini i was just trying to see if he could go back to sleep on his own..soalnya kan hari senen gue dah balik kerja dan dia bakalan di taro di day care kantor, susah kan kalo dia nggak mau tidur sendirian siang2..takut babysitternya jadi nggak sabar sama dia..huhu. I hope this is just a phase though...! Kalo malem sih dia cuma bangun 2 or 3 times and go right back to sleep after i fed him -which takes about 15 minutes- i don't need to rock him or anything to put him back to sleep.

Skarang setelah gue diemin nangis for 10 minutes..dia yang jadi sedih gitu...skarang kan tidurnya sambil di pangku tapi tiap beberapa menit kaya sobbing gitu sebentar..mungkin keinget yang tadi kali yah....kasian deh..i won't let him cry ever again now...jadinya mikir yang jelek jelek..takut kalo dia kenapa kenapa..takut kalo nanti something bad happen to him. i know i won't forgive myself for every minutes that i let him cry.

Banyak orang yang trying to establish a schedule for their kids by letting the kids cry..some people do it as early as two months..a lot start it by 6 months..and some wait a little longer until the kids reach one year old. I think it's OK to let them cry it out once a while if the situation forces us to do..-i.e the kid doesn't want to sit on the car seat- and if nothing else works...but i don't know if it's a good idea to do it deliberately out of our selfishness to establish a routine, to make our days easier. Emang sih, most babies will fall asleep after hours of crying..but do you think they sleep because they have finally realized that they have to sleep?..i don't think so..most likely they fall asleep out of exhaustion..and babies have feelings too...sama aja kaya kita kalo lagi sedih dan lagi pingin di perhatiin by a certain someone tapi ternyata itu orang cuek aja sama perasaan kita..pasti nya kan kita sakit hati dong?. same thing with babies too, they would feel neglected and abandoned..and feel that they are not worth being responded to. Babies cry for a reason, they try to communicate to us and tell us that they need something, even if it's just needing to be held..and i don't think that trying to meet their needs could spoil him. Anyway, jadi penasaran mau browsing2 tentang this crying it out thing..pingin tau aja opini2 para2 expert dan hasil2 research yang ada. So far..i have the following:

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