As luck would have it

February 28, 2004

..he woke up every hour last night...baruu aja kemaren di tulis disini kalo i have no problem getting him to sleep a few hours at a stretch during the night..ehh langsung berubah gitu patternya..emang nggak boleh bragging kali yah..hihi...yah begitulah yang namanya live with a newborn, there's nothing permanent..and we have to expect the unexpected. But the good news for this afternoon is..he sleeps on his own..YAYY....ini barusan gue taro aja di tempat tidur dan gue ikutan tiduran..i put him on his tummy though..he sleeps better like that..but i swear i check every few seconds..tapi dia dah bisa sih mindahin kepala nya..nengok ke kanan dan ke kiri kalo di tengkurepin, kadang stuck juga di tengah gitu..biasanya dia usaha lagi sendiri kalo nggak bisa trus nangis deh, hehe..but you know what, it's actually a good thing when babies cry when they are unable to do something, it shows that they have a strong desire to do what they wanna do. Anyway, so he's sleeping right now..i'm gonna wait for a few more minutes until he is in a deep sleep..then i'm gonna leave him alone...i have some serious ironing to do!!

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