Haapy New Year

December 31, 2002

HAPPY NEW YEAR yah semuanya.....may you have a prosperous life in 2003 and have a better life than before. Pada kemana nih new years eve??? Gue di rumah aja dong karena emang males banget kemana dan bingung mo kemana juga, tonight is really just another night for me, especially since i'm gonna have what it seems to be the biggest event of my life in a matter of days, jadi new year bener2 biasa banget karena beberapa hari setelah itu bakalan ada event yang jauh lebih penting dari taun baruan. Gila yaa i'm getting married soon, pernikahan itu bener bener transaksi yang paling besar in one's life, lebih besar daripada elo beli rumah seharga 10 milyar kali yaa.

I'm sure everybody has the so called new year resolution, i haven't thought of that myself, entar malem deh gue merenung dulu, hehe..biar tau what are my new year resolutions, so i'll tell ya about that later. On the meantime, Have a wonderful new years eve aja dulu kali yaaaa...go ahead party your ass out but make sure when you wake up tomorrow, promise to yourself that you're gonna try to be a better person each and everyday...=)

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