Retard alert

April 02, 2002

Tuh kan ..tadi telat lagi masuk kelasnya, sebenernya sih i got there like 5 minutes before the class started, but stupid me..i didn't bring the assignment that we need to submit in class, jadi..daripada keilangan points gara gara nggak ngumpulin tugas yang udah gue bikin cape cape, jadilah saya balik lagi ke rumah...walked all the way across campus..trus pas nyampe ke kelas lagi udah telat 15 menit...good thing she let me joined the class, accept my assignment and even give points for attendance, cause she's usually mean...

Anyway, now -another stupidity of the day- i have to re-do the assignment for my other class because apparently i did the one that's due next week instead of this wednesday *sigh*....!!. I guess they call this retard alert, don't they??

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