April 17, 2002

It's so gorgeous outside...and i'm just sitting here at the library, sipping my coffee.. trying to do the project with my group..while others are sitting around in the park, playing frisbee and just enjoying the sun. This is not fair, huhuhu....

Anyway, these two weeks is gonna be crazy, in fact it's gonna be the craziest two weeks i have ever had. I have 4 presentations to do (Maritz Corporations, Airline simulations, IBM Case, and the TV show), all of which two are this week and another two next week. Two ten pages papers are waiting to be done, a bundle of a marketing plan, also a bunch of other homeworks and assignments. I also have.. I guess about 10 exams coming up. Damn ILP!!. Note: Do not ever take those independent study classes cause you'll never get it done, never!!. You will never set a time to study for it since there's no deadline for the assignment, no date is given of when you have to take the test, etc. You have to basically come up with your own schedule, so it is very flexible that's why you won't take it seriously and next thing you know...boom it's your graduation day next week and you have no choice but to get your stuff together. At least that's what happen to me at the moment, i have to complete a one semester course in a matter of two weeks. I didn't realize i registered for that class in the FALL of 2000. Man, that was like my sophomore year and i haven't even touched the damn books..*deep sigh*..very very deep sigh indeed.

So i don't know how i ever going to finish all these mess in two weeks, but i have to anyway..hmm no..not that i have to..but i want to!! I do whatever it takes to get over these, even that means no sleep, no internet and no social life.

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