Find your spot

April 10, 2002

I just took a find your spot quiz at and here's the list of the places that they think would suits me.

1. San Diego, CA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Chicago, IL ----> This is the closest from where i live now, been there back and forth..LOVE IT!!

4. Baltimore, MD ----> Yes yes yes.. so i can watch the terps, Duke, NC and other ACC teams playing

5. Washington, DC

6. Orange County, CA

7. Long beach, CA

8. Oakland, CA

9. Portland, OR

10. Honolulu, HI ----> Boleh juga niih, apalagi kalo masih ada garuda, huehe

11. Las vegas, NV ---> Gambling..anybody??

12. New Haven, CT

13. San jose, CA

14. Boston, MA ---> Mau siyy, tapi sayang ada yg udah balik..*lirik2 aan*

15. Albuquerque, NM

16. Providence, RI

17. Little Rock, AR

18. New orleans, LA

19. Sacramento, CA

20. LA, CA

21. Hartford, CT

22. Las Cruces, NM

23. Milwaukee, WI --> Hmm, it's a fine place for a weekend getaway, the michigan lake area is gorgeous especially in summer time, but to live there...? Hmm, No..but

no thanks, it's freaking cold up there.

24. Norfolk, VI

See, most of the options they gave me lies somewhere along the west coast. I knew it..I knew i was born to be a cali girl..hehe, maybe in the next two or three years?....who knows...! but for now i'll settle for the home of the cardinals...

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