Not again

April 17, 2002

I'm at home now...eating a delicious hunan chicken from Kahala..=). Anyway, a strange thing happened on the way back from school. I was crossing the street and i saw a guy in a red car drove past by me slowly. I didn't sense anything cause it was just basically another car passing by. I kept walking and then when i got to my place, i noticed that the same car was waiting in front of the building i live in. I knew he was about to approach me cause no one else was there, and then he rolled down his window and he was like hey i'm new in this area and i haven't got any friends bla bla bla i'm wondering if you could go out with me, maybe we could get a cup of coffee or something. And i was like ehmm no..i'm afraid not. And he was like why, are you seeing somebody bla bla bla and he insisted me to give him my phone numbers and begged me to give it a chance and go out with him.

Hmm, this is weird, i just can tell from the way he approached me that he is in another mission. Cause when he was waiting for me, he tried to block me with his car so i'd be standing right by his window, but i walked so fast so i was already a few steps away from his car when he rolled down the window. Another thing that strange was he talked so slow that i could barely hear, maybe that was his tactic so i'd moved closer to him. So anyway, i assume that he's one of those pyschotic maniac guys who likes to show off his thingy to strangers to satisfy his wacko needs. I don't know what kind of disorder is that but i know some people are just insane like that. It happened to me a couple times a long time ago, mostly they pretend that they get lost and ask for the direction to the address they looking for. And they'll be masturbating right then and there while you're trying to explain the directions to get there, you didn't realize it at first, but he'll show you what he was doing..*yuck*..and then you could barely eat.

Anyway, so that's my assumption of his mission, because if he really wants to talk to me and get my numbers he would just park his car, get off and walked to me. But he didn't.. and i wasn't about to let another shocking moment happened to me, so..hmm screw you!!!!. I know he didn't do any thing that's harmful but still you know. I went to pick up my food after that and whenever i saw a red car it scares the hell out of me!!.

Time to do my case......

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