April 30, 2002

i'm at the computer lab right now, lately it's been my frequent place to visit, mostly to do all the group projects..but since my printer has been running out of ink, i need to print all the handouts from here too. Couldn't afford the oh-so-expensive inkjet *damn lexmark..*. Tadi tuh sebelum ke sini dengan pintarnya udah inget2 buat ngambil cash dulu di atm, soalnya i need to put some money to the printer card. So i went to the bank nearby and get a $20 cash from the atm. Trus sampe computer lab, ealah...baru inget kenapa juga nggak skalian di pecahin itu $20 nya..soalnya kan mesinnya enggak nerima kembalian. Ya udah deeh jadinya terpaksa keluar lagi, ke student center, get a small coke at mcdonalds so i could have some changes. Hmm...so smart yet still...unintelligent, hihi.

Eniwei, it's gorgoeus outside, i wish i could go to the ice cream parlor and sitting around at the park sambil makan2 ice cream and people watching.....such a joy.

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