The Pretzel Cheese Dip, Worth The Calorie

April 12, 2015

I've been really good this week in the #FitNFab department, I did power walk twice and Muay Thai once and a strengh exercise at home once. I was also strict with my food intake and had my Skinny Minnies for lunch and dinner. But it was all canceled out with a trip to Applebee's for lunch yesterday!

The restaurant has just opened for the last few weeks in Plaza Senayan. It wasn't our favorite back in the States but hey let's just try it and see how it is here. The Pretzel Cheese Dip was the bomb! So good that I brought home the remaining cheese dip -__-. My quessadila burger was really satisfying. And it didn't make me feel so guilty knowing I picked a better option. Hey, at least the bun is thinner than the usual burger, and I shared it with Oki.  Jib sirloin steak was good he said. The chicken finger and the aglio olio are not something we will reorder. It was still empty at noon so our food came out fast. It was still a bit too early for lunch on the weekend but the man has to rush tending the weekend job..he is been so busy over the weekend. So, thank you for making the time :).

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