Spotting a Business Opportunity

April 11, 2015

I went to Ikea last week with Je and as we were approaching the place, there were a huge empty land around the area. And Jehan casually said "Mommy, I think we should build something like Disneyland here. So while the parents shop in Ikea the kids can just wait here and play" :D

Wow. I was amazed that she can spot business opportunity and was very spot on. She knows there's a lot of family go to Ikea and she is also trying to solve her own problem because her parents often drag her to Ikea and spend hours there. The playground they provide just doesn't cut it anymore because it's only limited to a few kids and there's only one hour time limit. She really believes that it's a good idea and that we should make one asap!

Speaking of business opportunity, I find there's more and more people looking into entrepreneurship right now. Which is good and exciting. The country needs more entrepreneurs and there is soo much that we can do.

Oki and I are recently venturing into F&B business. We opened up a specialty coffee shop called Goni in Kemang last December, along with my award winning barista cousin and his coffee specialist friend as well as Rudy & Nopai, which is a business partner in Female Daily and heyspice :). So that's where I get my coffee everyday.

The other one that has just launched last month is Roti Bakar Premium Boss in Cinere Depok. There was an unused space in Oki's family house that we turned it into a hang out place for the youngsters nearby. I'm not involved in the operational of the two places but I'm helping in anyway I can and also learning here and there. It's been interesting to learn how different the two establishments are. I will write more about it when I have the time. 

Heyspice is also getting exciting because we have new partners and are getting ready for the princess inspired collection.

I actually have quite a few business ideas but I know I have limit. But I do have this one idea that is somehow itch me more than the others. Maybe because it's not purely business but has the giving back element. It's also something within my passion too; empowering youth and education. I even already know who I want to have on board. But I guess this one will just have to wait. Things are getting busier at Female Daily office. I cringe looking at my schedule for the rest of the month.

But anyway, let's just celebrate weekend first :-)

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