#GIRLBOSS, A Must-Read Book

April 20, 2015

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can always start today and make a new ending. And Sophia Amoruso is a living proof of that statement. Bayangin aja, dulu dia nggak pernah jelas sekolahnya, nggak pernah enjoy sekolah sampai akhirnya home-schooling dan nggak kuliah. Kerjanya ya sebatas low-paying job di Subway atau di toko buku. Pernah makan bagel dari tempat sampah saking nggak punya uang dan bahkan sering shoplifting!

But it's all changed when she started selling vintage clothing on eBay during her boring job checking ID at the University. Little did she know it turned into NastyGal

The rest you just have to read it yourself. I love this book because it's written in a very personal way. I can relate with so many things written in the book, being a #Girlboss as well, starting something from zero out of boredom. And she takes her email password very seriously too! haha. Many of my passwords are actually something on my wish list and I have encouraged the people in the office to do the same. That way, you are always reminded of your dreams and they stay close to your heart. But now that every password is in auto save, I have to find another way. 

Something from the book:

I believe in magic. I believe that everything you say and do and every intention that you have and every password that you type in and every scribble that you make and every hair that falls out of your head is related somehow to something else that is manifesting in ways you may or may not be aware off.

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  1. Jadi inget beberapa waktu pengen beli buku ini belum jadi. Nice review Mba Hanzky, jadi pengen segera baca :D

  2. Iya baca deh. I finished it in one go karena seru dan gampang dibaca.