Lunch with The Bride Dept

April 14, 2015

One of the things I like is meeting fellow entrepreneurs, or other inspiring people to keep me motivated. When I started this journey, it was haaard to find mentor that we had to figure out everything through a lot of trial and error. So I make it a point to spare time to talk to new entrepreneurs and share my journey. Most of the time though, it was me who learned from them, not the other way around.

The one thing that always came out whenever I meet people who have just started a business is "Enak yaa FD udah gede, udah banyak teamnya, kalo kita kan masih kecil". And all I could think was oh boy you didn't know what you are signing up for, did you? haha. The bigger the company will never translate to the less headache you will have. It's the other way around, really. 

So anyway, we meet with Inda and Gerha a while ago and learned a few things about the wedding business. All of you bridezilla out there now have many resources to look for when organizing a wedding at The Bride Dept. We have The Wedding Bells section in the forum and it's one of the busiest. A few things that amazed me from the conversation:
  • Wedding dress have pockets now. You know, to take selfie on the pelaminan and document everything as well as to share the excitements on social media.
  • Best tweet/picture using the official hashtag during the reception will win a prize!
  • Bridezilla choose makeup artists or photographers or other business supporting their wedding based on how many followers they have on the Instagram. Why? So they will take pictures of the wedding and mention the bride and the groom so they get many likes and new followers.
Wow, we do live in Social Media era, don't we? I'm glad I got married in ancient time when miRC still ruled the Internet world, so there's no pressure from the outside world at all.  

For all the brides and grooms to be. May your marriage be more beautiful than your wedding. 

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