April 22, 2015

I went through the draft folder and found this written in 2012. To make it more current, let me throw in a recent Today's Outfit picture in here :D

Montreal Sweater by KNOTHINKNEW | Zara Pants | YSL Tribute Shoes


Last Friday, I had quite a hectic morning schedule. I had 8 AM appointment with my trainer, so I left the house around 7:20 with Jehan, and she dropped me off in the gym first before going to school. I took a shower in the gym and went to hair salon right away to get my hair blow dried because I was about to get my picture taken for my profile in SWA. And then I stopped by at Starbucks, by 10AM I already sat in the meeting room with our partner from Singapore.

One of the things that I'm forever grateful for is the living arrangement I have now. My house is not far from the office and the kids school. Even Oki's office is still considerably near. Not to mention that I live practically in the same roof with my mom and my sister family. Everything is available in Kemang (where the office is located) area, so our activity is just revolved around the area.

So when people ask me how I can do all that, the answer is simply because I'm just lucky to have everything within reach. I cannot imagine if I have to go through the horrendous 2 hours traffic to get to the office or if I don't have a driver to take and pick up my kids to school. I don't want to sound righteous by claiming I have a good time management skill or that I work really hard to get to the point of where I'm at right now. Some things I experience is based on my own hard work, but there are luck factor that contributes into the whole thing. Like when we found the house that have two different areas in one compound so my mom and I can still live together. Or my luck in finding and keeping domestic helpers and other things.

A lot people thought that having a business means you will have a very flexible schedule. That is somewhat true. Although I go to the office everyday, I have more freedom to manage and rearrange it should I have family matters I need to attend to. But there are also many times when I can't come to the briefing in my kids' school because I already set a meeting with clients or people from overseas that make you feel bad about cancelling the meeting. And workload wise, it is way heavier than if you're employed by a company because you don't have a specific job to work on, you have almost everything on your plate.

As an entrepreneur, we don't have a job description.  I don't work only whenever I want to. I go to the office everyday, most of the time among the first few people arrived. And it's not rare I found myself the last to go home too. Often time, I bring my laptop home and would continue work until past midnight or find myself in a coffee shop on the weekend.  To have more time for work, I rarely take long lunch. Most of the time it's a delivery or a takeout. I never go out with friends! Well, maybe once every 3 months to have dinner or lunch. I never walk around mall just because. I only go to malls to have meetings or press event to attend, or if the kids need to buy something. I also don't watch TV! It's been more than a year that I never turn my TV on. Oh and I also never go to a spa, not even once and if I go to a salon it's because of a haircut, or a quick blow dry for big events, not for luxury treatment. To shorten time, I usually shampoo the hair at home so I can just get it blow dried right away.

What else? I'm sure there are more things that I do/don't do to accommodate my role as an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife (and daughter, granddaughter, sister, daughter in law, etc, etc). One thing for sure, there are a lot of things that we sacrifice or giving up too.

So anyway, I'm just rambling :D

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  1. I learned many things from your rambling Mba. Thank you for sharing about that :)