Another attempt to blogging again..

September 07, 2008

Finally!!. Let’s see how long I can keep this. I’ve been meaning to re-create my personal blog but just couldn’t find the time to do so, lame excuse, I know..but I really have been living a rush mode these last few months, always on the go, the to do list is growing even before I got the chance to finish the old ones. My belongings and my mind are scattered everywhere, it’s really time to get organized and order everything in line.

Friday night, right before I left for Sally Koeswanto Fashion Show at Senayan City, I fell into the ground because the the garage floor was really slippery, I was wearing 4″ wedges that were not strapped properly because I planned on doing so in the car (see, I was in a rush). I was holding my bag and some other staff and completely slipped at the first step by the gate..:(. It wasn’t just a minor slip as I tumbled over, lost my balance, fell into the ground with my face down, kissed the asphalt and got two of my teeth chipped..:(.

It was pretty bad, thankfully the chip is not so bad, I was just afraid they fell off completely. My left knee and my right waist is bruised and I have minor scratches everywhere..:(. It hurts, of course..I went back inside to check on my teeth and get betadine for my bruises. I was thinking of staying at home instead because I got dizzy and just felt like laying low but then I remember I got Chey’s camera with me and she wouldn’t be able to take pictures without it. So off I went..

Now I have funny looking teeth, I didn’t have a nice set of teeth to begin with, so it’s not that much of difference..:D. At least that accident forced me (which I have been meaning) to go to my uncle, the dentist, house at the very next day. I got some of my teeth temporarily filled. Sometimes this week I have to take panoramic pictures before he decides on what to do with my problematic teeth.

Maybe it’s a sign, that I should take things slowly and step wisely.

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