A Lost Opportunity

September 26, 2008

Someone just emailed me regarding a promising opportunity that she has just missed. Not a pleasant feeling, rasanya pasti gemesshh banget ngebayangin sesuatu yang kayanya within reach tapi trus hilang begitu aja.

Tapi yah..memang begitu ya, whenever you have a brilliant idea, anytime you’re thinking about something, it’s possible that someone else is also thinking about it. Someone who will act fast and will not think twice.

Most of the time, when we want to start something, we always think that the timing is not right, that we don’t have enough time, that we don’t have enough money, tools or resource to build it all from scratch.

But I think I have learned that time will never come knocking our door, we have to find it in between the 24 hours that we have and we don’t need the complete tools to start. We just need to start n.o.w. Start with what we have around us and work with it. We’ll find better tools along the way and without we know it..not only we’ll have everything we needed in the beginning, we’ll also have something that is taking off.

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