yea, i remember

August 24, 2006

dec 1998 - dec 1999
i remember missing my flight in dallas, the broken suitcase, i remember what i saw at starbucks in lambert airport st. louis, i remember the warm feeling i had inside, i remember the bart shuttle ride all the way to carbondale, i remember super 8 motel, my first visit to the university mall at 8 o clock at night by myself, i remember the ck jeans i bought, i remember big lots, i remember sunichi who helped me moving to the new place with his small car, i remember d's room on lower level of ambassador hall, i remember the old yellow cab that took 30 minutes to arrive, i remember walking to GTE phone company office and to mc donalds student center with frank, ordering 20 pieces of chicken nugget, i remember my first taste of papa john pizza and its cheese stick, i remember d forgetting his psychology final and we had to walk all the way to the clinic to get a letter from the doctor in the cold weather, i remember the smell of escada sport and kenzo daun, i can still smell the scent now, i remember wearing the beautiful wedges i bought in perth all the time, i remember visiting danang at barnes jewish hospital, red roof inn, sahur @ steak and shake, i remember the scary accident on highway 64 in cikage's car, i remember the cake that cikage gave me, there was 'hani oki forever' written on it, i remember the mukena i gave her, i remember the flight to Troy NY, my first visit to NYC, soho, the beautiful bridges, my first snow, my first visit to gay club, john, dodi, mike & bryan the gay couple, i remember rozanna, crossgate mall and price shopper, I remember visiting yaner at amherst, connecticut, celebrating new years eve in new york, i remember penang, kebab @ in front of the hilton, i remember the new york kids, i remember the three way call with aan and my mom. i remember meeting aan, kak angel, mas andy and muce at woodbury outlet, i remember the nylon bubble jacket from express, mine was red and hers was blue, i remember the mc donalds, the road trip home with the honda accord. i remember retno. i remember 705 south poplar and everything that happened there. i remember mbak nanda and bryan visit, bringing the fish car, taking pictures at the student center, lunch at garfields. i remember john a logan college @ carterville, i remember the placement test, i remember my french class and that grandma sitting next to me, i remember my classmate's face vividly, i remember the salukis express bus, waiting by the intersection on main street or at the student center, i remember the old driver and the fat driver who were always nice to me, i remember terry crain and all of his help, i remember struggling with my math class, i remember andrea, pedro, ilsa the philippine lady and guadalupe, i remember jennifer who was always asking me to wait for her and accompanying her to smoke outside in between classes, domonique, takao, frank, adrian, ted. i remember 'malik', I remember the late night shopping @ walmart, I remember pak sas, mbak wida, mas heru and mbak susi, i remember my first lebaran in states, 7 days old baby kania, mas abdul and mbak maya, i remember umar, the cutest baby boy before jibran, i remember january 25, i remember the trip to milwaukee during spring break, aan, kak angel, mas anka and mas demmy, buying a gap bag, the mexican restaurant, my virst chicago trip, big bowl, vintage shops at state street, urban outfitters, michigan lake, the picture in front of the water fountain, i remember the first time we went to the cinema to watch analyze this, i remember 'menanti', a song by koes ploes, i remember the confession..:(, i remember the summer concert outside of shyrock auditorium, i remember 709 west college and sheryl the landlord with her yukon denali, i remember the second road trip to new york, i remember domonique tagging along with us to dayton, Ohio, i remember niagara falls, i remember saratoga, i remember mbak nung visit, the atlanta trip, mbak lia and her friends, the coke museum, the lenox mall, the cnn office, i remember eating @ mc donalds by the arch that is no longer there now, i remember getting sick since i've lost a lot of weight, the trip to memorial hospital, the failing hair and the stress, I remember watching my first salukis game during thanksgiving week. i remember his old toshiba laptop, i remember irc, dancepool and jakarta channel, i remember the trip to tampa, to orlando, hal dillah, mbak tuti, hard rock cafe orlando. i remember the trip back home, stopping at KL and sightseeing with lin and nana at midnight, i remember the street vendor, the carrot susu, i remember ibu and ayah, azrul and azril. i remember the fight and the tears and the not so unpleasant happening. i remember new year @ zanzibar, i remember tenda semanggi too.

january 2000 - december 2000
i remember meeting yoga for the first time, i remember rafi and lin and their house behind the memorial hospital, i remember the pictures we took there, the hawaian shirt from structure (now express man) and the silver chain necklace, i remember my first attempt to build a website, i remember joining the HTML for beginner class at the library, i remember anne and hal maman's website, playing with frontpage and fireworks, i remember siucampus idea, i remember kopies and more, i remember syaiful, i remember mbak nanda, bryan and mike visit, the supper at dennys with dante, miquel, jasmine and rafie, the moon over my hammy, i remember the st. louis visit, my first trip to the top of the arch, i remember the trip to metropolis, the superman town, i remember the casino, the trip to paducah kentucky, i remember club traz, i remember the mazda car from mas abdul, i remember marion mall, d.e.b and target, i remember staying at home when everyone was at the red hot chilli paper and foo fighters concert, i remember nila and her sleepovers at my apartment, i remember her parents, the dinner at hunan restaurant, i remember she accidentaly left her diary in my apt when she moved to seattle, i remember tina and her car. i remember the dmv and that jerk, i remember failing my driving test because of some stupid way to park uphill, i remember mr crashaw my micro economy teacher, i remember that nice guy from hongkong, i remember studying with karin the clown for my statistic class, i remember stix pizza and going to the strip at 2 o'clock at night on the weekend to see the riot, i remember dante, i remember reading about him and seeing his pictures at daily egyptian, i remember him cooking chicken teriyaki for us, i remember prego vegetable lasagna, i remember the philly cheese steak at chicago hotdog that we ate every other day, i remember the yard sale at the arena, the boat race, i remember the party at d's boss, mayra's house, i remember her house, her cats, her dogs and her iguana and her pottery studio at the back of her house, i remember marvin, sherly and sri his coworker, i remember the noodle martabak we brought, i remember lava design, i remember maria's huge house, i remember the master bedroom and the huge walk in closet, i remember bbq at evergren park, i remember the hp desktop, i remember the fossil watch i gave him for his birthday, i remember the laundromat and edy's ice cream, i remember 709 south poplar and finally an apt with a washer dryer inside, i remember katie my neighbor, i remember helping lin and rafi moved to st. louis, i remember eating at mai lee and thai seafood cafe (now thai pizza) for the first time, i remember shrimp 101 (now shrimp 105), i remember meeting dina, sisi and boni for the first time in delmar, i remember herrin, i remember the chinese buffet with the indonesian kids who worked there, i remember painting the office yellow, i remember the army pants he wore, i remember darrel and rhonda and their mobile home, i remember hucks gas station, i remember mbak wida's mom and her art show, i remember clubbing at washington avenue, i remember my first time blogging, i remember LAX and malaysian airline with vanda and rifky, i remember visiting KL again, i remember ayah was getting sick and had to use the wheelchair, i remember l
and nana at KLIA.

january 2001 - december 2001
i remember transfering to siuc, i remember visiting st. louis with yoga, dante and his friends, taking pictures at the gas station on ladue and lindbergh, meeting dina and sisi at banana republic galleria, visiting lin when she worked at express galleria, i remember getting lots of steak and shake gift certificate from rafi, i remember accompanying d to the career fair, i remember driving all the way to st. louis for the interview at sbc wearing his new suit he bought at value city (hihihi), i remember mastercard too and waiting in the car in maryland heights, i remember doing mock interview on the way there from carbondale, i remember the phone call regarding the acceptance, i remember the welcome package he got from sbc, i remember d graduation ceremony, i remember he decided to go at the very last minute, i remember the picture of him and his friend yue that i took with kodak disposable camera, i remember the outfit that i had on, i remember helping yoga moving to bloomington, indiana, the st. louis trip, rafi and lin moving back to malaysia, i remember springfield IL and the lincoln's tombstone, the chicago trip, the museum, the gurnee mills, cahokia wisconsin @ widia's and her brother place, wulan who was visiting from LA and the traffic on the way to chicago, i remember the flip flop accident in michigan avenue, the embarassing yet tragic incident, the union station, i remember crying my eyes out in the cab, i remember visiting purdue and indiana university, the ayam gosong, i remember dita and basir and his apartment, i remember the bicyle apartment, ben and jerry, urban outfitters, dinner at the thai's restaurant courtesy of yoga, i remember d moving to st. louis, his first day at the office wearing the blue long sleeve shirt and the messenger bag from the gap, i remember the park terrace apt, i remember my summer classes at swic, i remember akbar, the uzbekistan guy, i remember bajaj and the endless chatting session with him, i remember all my classes was canceled for some weird reason, i remember moving to ambassador hall on the main floor, i remember the bed sheet i got at target, i remember volunteering for orientation, i remember the nigerian guys and their crazy love for indomie, i remember meeting ben for the first time, i remember vero and all of her drama, i remember her sister house in johnsborough, i even remember gary and scott, i remember first cellular, i remember the webcam, i remember being a publication committee at the international student council and a vice president for asian student association and friends, i remember struggling on my finance class,i remember eating tuna caserole all the time, i remember waking up to the tragic news of 9/11, i remember everyone was so panicked at the student center, i remember my classes were cancelled, i remember his parents visit, i remember the chicago visit in the fall, i remember mbak nanda was crying at the gate, i remember the sold out game against indiana university, it was indeed one of the best games ever, i remember the green neon car and taking everybody around.

january 2002 - may 2003
i remember being sick on new year's eve, i remember i had dinner at steak and shake and that chicken gumbo soup was making me even sicker, i remember watching mtv countdown at timesquare on tv, i remember karen, i remember martha and her delicious rendang, laslo, ling, kim, donna and anju, marilu and paula, i remember that french girl and vincent, her ex boyfriend, i remember watching the news about aaliyah passed away, i remember modelling for yvonne at her final fashion show, i remember the sleepless night, i remember the dream team with lucas, carson and tim, i remember rhen hall, i remember carson telling everybody i was screwing the curve on my marketing class cause i was the one with the A while the second highest was a C, i remember my marketing 435, 493, 439, i remember the cases, the airline simulation, the capstone class, the presentation, the assignment, the group meetings, i remember it was the best year ever for me academic-wise, i remember my marketing research class with the best professor i have ever had who believed in me, i remember enjoying dr. clark class, i remember, i remember my java chip frappucino that i got every morning before going to class, i remember studying at barnes noble, i remember the last home game, i remember the crazy crowd and the energy at the arena, i remember the march madness game at savvis center, i remember the sweet 16 team, kent williams, jermaine dearman, stetson hairston, darren brooks, roland roberts, marcus belcher, josh warren, brad korn, sylvester willis, david carney, i remember the ncaa, i remember the salukis beating texas tech and georgia, i remember the pep rally, i remember jd waving, i remember my glasses, i remember walking home from the pep rally that night, taking pictures in the snow with my first digital camera, watching the sweet sixteen game at the student center against uconn, i remember seeing roland roberts at the mall, i remember my red st. rose backpack that i have never changed during those 3.5 years of my college years, my TI 83 calculator, i remember that guy from the business department office who never registered me at the right classes, i remember house special chicken at kahala, william and his brother, i remember the tuna sandwich @ wiseguy, shawarma chicken, hunan chicken @ kahala, i remember the animal shelter i visited every week to look at the kittens, i remember d's visit every weekend, i remember driving back and forth to st. louis, i remember susi, ketut, iwan and made at le petite bistro galleria food court, i remember their apt behind borders brentwood, i remember going to the casino with them, i remember the late night talk every weekend with ben @ denny's, i remember siu edwardsville career fair, i remember chatting with ail everyday, i remember bumping with db on the stair on my way to class on tuesday morning during final week, i remember him asking for my number, i remember the outstanding student form i needed to get signed so my insurance rate could be lowered, yea i remember ayala insurance too, i remember picking up mom and dad at the airport, i remember my graduation ceremony, i remember the marketing 2002 t-shirt i got at the graduation, i remember crying on the stage when dr. summey hugged me, i remember my classmates and throwing the cap in the air together, i remember my dad wanted to go back to the hotel as soon as possible to watch trininad boxing match, i remember my japanese friend asking me to wait at the dorm just so we can take pictures with our cap and gown together, then there was the new york and the dc trip and i remember going back to carbondale to pack my stuff and moved to st. louis.

...and now here i am 4 years later..i still remember everything, every little things, every little details and every smell, i remember the knowledge, the ups and downs, the lesson of life i got, the laughters and the tears, the proud and the not so proud moment, the nice people i've met along the way and i appreciate all of it. more things have happened now and of course i remember them all too, i told you i have a pretty good memory..;)..and yea you can tell this is inspired by the back to school craze that everyone is experiencing right now, you lucky duck..i miss my college days!!

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  1. OMG... u remember things in those years more than what I can remember my whole life! I just know that things that happen in my life (good ones and bad ones) made me who I am now... Bet it happened to you as well, right?Well, is it just me? Or all guys have bad memory?

  2. wow...what a memory, Han. keep it up ;p. eh, slamat yak u/ Dendre. be a good student gtu yah hihi.

  3. hahaha... college and studying days are good chapters in our lifebook... so I agree that we must live our studying time the fullest...Peace

  4. nice post han.congrats yah dendre dari mbak duwi. hehehehe

  5. han masih inget aja .. han have a good weekend ya :)