sucky sucky monday!!

August 22, 2006

i still can't believe i got pulled over by a cop today....aaaaaarrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!! was my first time, really, i've been driving here for what, 6 or 7 years? i have a super clean record all along but now it's dented just because some police officers didn't have anything better to do!!!!

..allright, it was probably my fault.

hmm..well maybe not. you see, there was a long azz truck in front of me at the intersection on skinker blvd, that truck wanted to make a left turn and so did i so i just drove along. the green arrow light was on at the time when i passed the traffic light but that truck took a looooong time to turn so the green arrow light had dissapeared when i reached the middle road of the intersection. and that's where the police caught me in the was all the truck driver's fault, wasn't it? or maybe i was supposed to wait until the intersection was cleared before i attempted the left turn??! the annoying thing is, i saw the police car a few seconds before. it doesn't register in my mind how could i not pay more attention when i knew there's police around.

oh well, there's always a first time for everything i guess. the officer suggested me to go to one of those ticket law offices so that this violence doesn't show on my record, that way my insurance premium won't be increased.

tadi pas di tanya kartu asuransi nya gue sempet panik. soalnya kok kartu yang ada itu udah expired tanggal 5 agustus kemaren, langsung telfon nduti di kantor and he was like "yahh kartu nya ada di dompet"...thinking he had his wallet with him tapi ternyata dompetnya masih ada di tas gue dan dia lupa ngeluarin tadi pagii..untuuuung aja....=)

oh iya..padahal yaa sebelumnya i was thinking to get a bubble tea first, but then d wanted me to pick him up cause he wanted to come to jibran's school during his lunch i went straight to downtown.

coba kalo gue ke bubble tea dulu ya, that'll change my fate, that police officer would have already left when i got to that intersection and my driving record is still as clean as before.....but you know what...maybe something else was waiting to happen if i had chosen to get bubble tea first...something uglier than getting pullover by the police.....who knows??..all i know is a few minutes differences can really change your life. life is indeed full of mysteries.

anyway....gara gara di tangkep polisi jadi telat deh tadi jemput jibrannya, i picked him up 30 minutes late than usual. tadi jadi ngebayangin jibran yang pasti udah nungguin di kursi nya, duduk sendirian karena yang lain udah pada tidur siang, trus ruangannya udah gelap, dan jibran cuma bengong aja nungguin mommy nya. mungkin dalem hati nya dia bertanya tanya yaa.."where is mommy??"..terus gue jadi ngebayangin, what if i never come to pick him up?..huhu...jadi mau nangis gitu mikirinnya.

so that's how my monday goes so far and this sore throat and this heavily congested nose of mine don't make it any better either. Hope yours is much happier than mine!!

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  1. sucky monday...stuju euy...can't get any suckier than this

  2. kinda sucky for me too.. arghs...

  3. huhuu...whata day ya say. tp kan seneng yah Dec mo mudik hihi. my monday was tiring...'ngangon' anak2 libur skolah dibawah terik matahari 'n high humidity *sigh*.

  4. Wow! Welcome to the 'traffic tickets' club, Mbak! :)Don't feel bad or sad.If you feel bad, then listen to this:I have spent over $1000 for tickets and lawyer for the past 4 years. Gosh..! If I would've been more careful, I should have used that money to buy half dozen of cows in my village. :((and they'll have some calves too by now) hehe..Alhamdulillah! The last 12 month I have stopped by police twice but they let me go without ticket.Aniway, here some advices from someone who had a lot of tickets:Don't go to traffic lawyer. Just pay the tickets and don't worry about your record.It will be 'cleaned' again if you behave well on the street for the next 12 months. :)about insurance,the amount of money to pay the lawyer is still much higher than the extra dollars (because of the ticket)the insurance company will collect from you.i.e., me! hehe..I pay $130.00 per six month now, about $21.67 per month. after all those tickets. (just FYI, my insurance company is AAA insurance with an agent of Cassens Insurance-the one in Edwardsville).Well, next time I saw that truck driver, I beat him up for you.:)))(if not the other way around hehe..)-anggit-

  5. manda and wulan: what happened to you ladies?? hope tuesday treats you better than monday yah....ria: least it's better than ngangon sapi kan..hehe....kangen nih bu...mas anggit: thousand dollars?? hah you made me feel better already, hehehe..tapi ini gue juga belum tau bakalan kena denda nya berapa..mudah2an nggak lebih dari $20..hehe mungkin nggak yaa?...thanks for the info ya nggit, i'll think about it and drive carefully, the police department doesn't need more money from you, better give it to the cow farmer back home..hehehe...masih keburu kok kalo mau untuk lebaran haji nanti...;)..and please beat the truck driver, or better yet, THE POLICE for me!!!...:Dnow ladies and gents, you know who to ask if you receive a traffic ticket, right? it's none other than anggit the leader of the traffic tickets club..hehehe...