The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament

March 21, 2006

arrghh, season is over for the salukis, huhu..soalnya kita kalah di first round kemaren. west virginia was just tooo much, i think we were just flat out outplayed by the better team. padahal beberapa menit pertama kita lumayan bagus, we led by 4, tapi setelah itu everything went blah..randal falker was a no-show, well who could blame him, the guy just lost 12 pounds due to stomach flu, so he wasn't 100% healthy..the west virginia team had more seniors on the starting line up than SIU has in its entire cleary they were more experienced and they wanted to win more, they executed the game plan brilliantly, and they shot the three like mad. The final score was 64-46..ouch!!. Oh well..the loss didn't taint the good season that we've had, and especially the memory from the tournament weekend. We'll be back next year, and with all of the starters coming back..we'll be at least a sweet sixteen team next it...;)

Pretty crazy game so far, that's why it is called MARCH MADNESS. Texas A&M upsets syracuse (COngrats Xinda...=)). Northwestern State Upsets Iowa on a buzza beata (damnit, the road to sweet 16 for SIU was actually much easier, oh well). And how about Bradley Vs. Kansas..??..just when people thought Kansas would streamroll on Bradley, Kansas actually got their rear handed to them.he (Sorry Ella Darling..=)) The first place team from the Big 12 got beat by the 5th team from the Missouri Valley Conference...tsk much for the all mcdonalds american team, see..talent alone doesn't guarantee you the win if it is not paired with desire and better coaching. Bill self maybe a great recruiter..but not a good coach. first round exit, two times in a row where you're the much higher seed is unacceptable. Last year was Bucknell Bison, and this year is Bradley Braves..what's next year? Baylor Bears?...hehehe..

Wichita did a good job on Seton Hall, a whoopin 20 points win. Boston College and Pacific put quite a game too with 2 overtime. UW Milwaukee upset Oklahoma. Lots of's true when they said that the parity in college basketball has been on the rise nowadays.

The second round game was pretty entertaining too, wichita state pull up a win over Tennesse, and George Mason upsets North Carolina, Brad Pitt game (Bradley vs Pittsburgh) more or less the same with Bradley Kansas, another upset from Bradley..yayy..there are 2 teams from our conference in Sweet Sixteen and the same number of teams from the ACC, only 1 team left from the Big 12 and surprisingly there's no team from the Big 10 (I feel ya dee brown). it's called Valley-dation baby..=)).

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  1. ku is getting sucker n sucker since i left kidding bo! lagi seru2 nya yah elo nonton basket disono. gue ama misoa cuma bisa manyun krn disini cuma diputerin sekali2...suckssss!!! niwey, gue baru potong rambut bu...puendeeeekkknya setengah mati. huuuu.....

  2. hehehe..tau tuh KU, mungkin karena masih pada freshmen sama sophomores kali yaa..asal nggak pada langsung ke NBA..taun depan pasti bagus la'. Mau dooong likat foto rambut barunya say?..sependek apakah?