selection sunday

March 14, 2006

yesterday was the selection sunday, the time when the committee announced the 64 teams that are invited to the NCAA tournametn. Of course i wasn't nervous like the previous years cause the salukis took matter into their own hands and punched their own card to the dance (read: NCAA), cuma pingin tau aja kita dapet seed berapa, lawannya siapa, mainnya di mana, dan siapa aja yang di invite dari conference kita. Oh iya nontonnya di rumahnya mandaadit, soalnya sekalian makan2 ulang taunnya adit, jadi rame banget, ada anak2 mansion, anak2 edwarsville, happy, ading, vahn, wulan, josh (jibran's new buddy), diah, joan, rubby etc.

Anyway, we got seed #11, playing the #6 west virginia (the mountaineers) in Auburn Hills Michigan, and it will be on Friday the 17th. UNI, Wichita State and Bradley were invited too, so there are 4 teams from our conference. I feel Missouri state should have been invited too since their RPI is so high, they got snubbed. Some of the analysts took a few verbal jabs at the committee for inviting too many mid majors team and belittling our conference..damnit..don't they know that there are good basketball outside of the BCS conferences?? first I didn't know much about west virginia except that they went to the elite eight last year..turned out that they return 4 starters from previous season and that they finished 3rd in the big east and is actually a scary team since they can shoot the three lights in lights out. They played 1-3-1 zone that gives trouble to the team that is not accustomed to play with them. Pokonya style of play nya beda banget sama it will be interesting to see the match ups. Hope we can pull up an upset and move on to the second round...!!

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