Katie Couric to interview Kristi Yamaoka

March 08, 2006

wow, this is becoming such a national hit, i feel honored to have witnessed it live..not to sound like i'm glad i saw her fall..but..you know what i mean..;)

taken from siusalukis.com

Saluki cheerleader Kristi Yamaoka, who was released from Saint Louis University hospital on Tuesday afternoon, will appear live on NBC's The Today Show on Wednesday morning.

The network will fly Yamaoka and teammate Taylor Baker to their studios in New York this evening.

The rest of the Saluki cheerleading squad and coach Jennifer Graeff will also appear on the Today Show on Wednesday morning via satellite from SIU Arena.

Yamaoka was injured during a routine in Sunday's men's basketball game versus Bradley.

The segment is expected to air during the 6 o'clock hour (CT).

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  1. Eh Kristi Yamaoka ada di Ellen Degeneres juga loh, sama TV spain jg ada, udah gitu dia masuk Best Week Evernya VH1..jadi terkenal, hehehe

  2. han, kemana ajaa nihh.. kok belum diupdate sicchh ???ditunggu yakzz...bye bye Gibraaan... Mizzz uuhhh

  3. Wuaaahh, lagi Saluki2x -an nih postingannya.....=D BTW, Doneeh.com -nya kenapa.....?!? Salam buat Oki dan Jibran yah.....=)

  4. han, gue baru liat foto2 G-Ban di FS, gendutan yaaakkk :-) lucccuuu..;))rambutnya juga gondrong gittuu sengaja yaakk ??? biasany G-BAN kan selalu pendek rambutnya heuheue