a true saluki, tough as nails

March 08, 2006

3 minutes before the game ended last sunday, the rowdy savvis center turned into a complete silent..you could definetely hear a pin drops. a saluki cheerleader (kristi yamaoka) lost her balance from the top of the pyramid and fell hard onto her head. she was motionless for a few minutes...kayanya semua orang udah mikir the worst possible scenario, people were praying..one student screamed "we love you kristi" while all of the medical teams tended to her..it was a pretty scary moment. the medical teams then moved her onto the board and raised her to the strecher with her head immobilized and then suddenly her knees were moving..all of the 14000 people took a collective sigh of relief. and then she waved to the crowd to let them know she was okay, people were cheering and clapping hands..and the band kicked in playing the salukis fight song..and she started doing her routines by moving her arms while being wheeled of the court..WOW..that was one of the coolest moments i have ever witnessed...trully inspiring. people were wiping their tears away when that happened..heh at least 3 people in our group did..;)

Keep the spirit alive Kristi, here's to a speedy recovery for you. and thank you for letting us know, in the midst of a competitive basketball game, that what unites us is really greater than what separates us.

She's all over the tv and the newspapers nationwide yesterday, CNN, MSNBC and ESPN showed the clip over and over again

Click here if you want to read the news and
click here if you want to see the video

kristi and the salukis performance last sunday was amazing..they epitomize everything good about being a saluki; tough, courageous, dedicated, determined and big-hearted. the coach always brags about him having the toughest team..and i saw that too. i saw it in mullins when he played with a painful sprained ankle and limped around, in shaw when he didn't whine after he was fouled hard and and still play with a bloody nose and bloods on his jersey, in falker when he took the ball to the rim and dunked lights out and no one could stopped him..in tatum's effort..in their guts by outhustling bigger and stronger opponents..and to top it off, in kristi when she still chanting S-I-U and doing her arm movement on the strecher after fallin from the top of the pyramid. they are one of the reasons why i'm so damn proud to call my self a saluki..=))

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  1. Yup, she was one damn tough cheerleader. Deg2annya banget2 waktu itu, rasanya legaaaaaaa bgt and salut bgt sama dia when she moved her arms doing one of the cheer routines. Terharu bgt (walopun ga sampe nangis like those 3, hehehehe).

  2. congratz on the victory of your hardcore fave team, mba! and damn that kristi girl is one tough woman!!! bravo to the salukis and kristi yamaoka!

  3. hiks...KRISTI YAMAOKA is one tough motherfalker hehehhe....and no i wasn't cryin' man...something got caught in my eye n' i was wiping it off...hehehe...n im glad i root for dem dawgs!!!S-I-U"10"