kosakatanya jibran

October 13, 2005

Mommy, Mama, Mom, daddy, Hana, or Na kalo dia lagi males, Baby, Didi for Miss Dede, NO, Choos for shoes ..or is it for jimmy choos?..haha..Cheese, Eat, Pizza, Nose, Ball, Boohbah, Elmo, Jojo (jojo circus), Car, Ke' for Cat, Hish for fish, Ney for Snake, Mimi for pinguin, Teke for Thank you, Ball, Allahuaba for allahuakbar, Amin, Camiil for Syamil, teeth, Yummy, Daah for dadaah, O'ow (haha..is that even considered a word?..:p), Oh gaw (oh god), Byabye for bubbye,Go, Three, More and this one questions that he asks a hundred times a day...wasaaaa for what's that???

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