asiik ada aan

October 13, 2005

aan, my bestfriend of 9 years will be here tomorrow for the whole week..and i couldn't be happier..=)). she currently lives in jakarta, used to live in boston and madison..and now she is on her two months vacation that she spends mostly in her brother place in DC. waahh there would be some serious catching up in my house in the next few days or so..hehe..

seneng banget yaa kalo di tengokin gitu..and basically i love meeting people (new one, old one as long as they're nice)..people inspired me, makanya setiap ketemu orang pasti deh there are at least one or a few lessons that i can take from the encounter. so far belum banyak sih ya yang mengunjungi kita di sini..palingan waktu juni kemaren ada bokap and my sisters..oh terus ada dina and zani too for two weeks (one of my fave couples)...abis itu my high school friend Imam, who was also d junior high school friend stopped by st. louis on his way to arkansas from atlanta..imam dateng sama cewe nya, ade cewenya, temen ade cewenya (?!?!) and adit maul (also my high school friend). kita ketemuan di downtown karena mereka abis dari arch, and then we had lunch at sen thai trus balik ke rumah untuk istirahat bentar, minum bubble tea dan mandi2 before they continue their trip. trus yang paling recent sih pas indo night kemaren bu tik tik and irvan (my other fave couple) dateng dari chicago dan nginep di rumah. besok ada aan...trus abis itu ada siapa lagi yaa? ada yang mau dateng??

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