Still in shock

March 08, 2005

We won the Saturday game against Indiana State, but we didn't win by default, it should've been one easy game for us..turned out it was tougher than expected. Sunday game (the semifinal) was against Southwest Missouri State, just like last year. We had a 23 point lead in the first half, we hit so many threes and completely owned the bears in the first half...even their coach said "the salukis were so hot in the first half that you could fry an egg on their back". But the bears suddenly came back in the second half while we seemed to be playing not to lose rather than playing to win. They drew so many fouls and finally took the lead in the last 40 seconds of the game and won by 4 points.

I thought this year would be the year we'd break the curse (the last time we won the tourney was in 1995, exactly 10 years ago!!!) would have been awesome to give Brooks and Heirston the trophy that they deserve cause it's their last year. I know the tourney is not that big of a deal especially since the salukis have won four straight leaque titles and have been invited to the NCAA tournament back to back. The ESPN says that we are a lock for the NCAA even if we don't win the tourney, so it's good to hear..but still...why can't we get to monday night and win it, once and for all?!?!..Arrggh..I'm still bitter here..hopefully we'll make some damages in the NCAA. I'll be rooting for you guys in front of my TV!!!.....

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  1. haaaaiiii...I'm baaaaack :D. Still so much jet lag, but glad to be home thou. Mo' password dunks, bwat liat poto2. Hope to talk to you soon, k...mmmmuuuach :D

  2. haha..oh my god..akhirnya pulang juga loo...kirain udah betah di jakarta....wah wahhh nggak sabar nih pingin denger gimana kabarnya elo and youssof..pasti elo juga udah kangen banget kaan pingin ngobrol2 sama gue..huehehe....I'll see you soon di YM yahh..nanti gue kasih tau passwordnya.......

  3. gue ngisi komen juga neh akhirnya-alaya-:)