Gloomy thursday

March 25, 2005

Maybe it won't be this gloomy had we won the game last sunday..cause that means we are gonna play tonight against Arizona..hehe..masih sebel nih gara2 kalah, padahal we would have a good chance of winning the game tonight since it's gonna be in Chicago...which is like our second home and everybody knows we never lose at home..the entire all state arena will be rooting for us...and then there is the Illini waiting at the elite eight....sweeettt!!!

I haven't been doing anything productive lately..I have tons of things that I have to do that I've put on hold..but I did take care some other things though..just not much...been basically just sitting in front of my laptop and browse the basketball news and the message boards all day while munching on the chewy chips ahoy (the one with 20% more chips!!)..*sigh*..what ever happened to my new year resolution to get my body *sort of* bikini ready come summer time??....and where is that pilates dvd I bought last january?'s been remain untouched ever since I bought it.

Jibran is napping right now. He's been off the bottle for more than 2 weeks...he is now drinking from his sippy cup, but his sippy cups look pretty much like bottles and they come with the soft i don't know if it's a good thing or not. Jibran juga sekarang kalo malem bangun udah nggak ASI we're now completely done in that area..palingan dia nyari binkie nya. Jibran rusuh siih kalo tidur...kesenggol dikit aja marah marah..tapi nggak mau tidur di cribnya, udah gitu gue kan senengnya pake selimut, tapi dianya enggak..trus marah marah kalo kakinya kena selimut....rusuh banget deh anak kecil. Sekarang giginya udah 8, 4 di atas, 4 di bawah..dan dia seneeeeng banget kalo disuruh sikat gigi..when i tell him it's time to brush his teeth..he will drop everything and go to the bathroom with me, then I sit him in the sink and ask him to get his toothbrush..he knows which one is his and he will get it himself along with the toothpaste.

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  1. Han, what's a bag of chip's gonna do to that bod. Yours is already much much much better than the rest of us. Hihihi.

  2. Foto Jibran lucu banget :) Btw, salam kenal ya, Bu :)