Great Season Salukis

March 21, 2005

I hate to lose, but the salukis didn't dissapoint anyone today, they played their heart out and showed valiant effort, there are absolutely no reason to hang their head down. Oklahoma state is a damn good team, one of the best teams in all the land of college basketball (if i'm not mistaken 4 of their starters were in Final FOUR last year) and we battled them well..we were the one with the lead most of the time, until a few minutes of the second half. It hurts, but it doesn't sting as much. I'm sad to see the dissapoinment in Darren Brook's face when the buzzer beat and to see Matt shaw broke down on the bench, i think he feels bad for the seniors. Boy there are sure a lot of crying in this NCAA tournament, like a quote from the msg boards. "All 65 teams are gonna cry at some point during the tournament, 64 teams will cry due to losing and only one team will cry tears of joy when they win the National Championship on April 4th....only one team".

My complain is only the home court advantage..i think they have the biggest homecourt advantage of the tourney, the crowd was just ridiculous and we got homered on a couple of questionable calls so we were killed with their almost perfect free throws, they have 29 points from the charity stripe alone!!!. It would've been a different story if it were played on a neutral floor. Heck we'll take them again anyday of the week, anytime of the day and twice on sunday on a neutral floor!!..hehehe... But coach sutton is a class act and so are the players, he was praising us in the press conference which helps to soothe the wounds. I think i will root for them all the way (except when they play illini cause i'm a fan of coach weber) so we can say that we lost to the champion!!..hihi...

All in all, thanks to all the players, especially the seniors (particularly Darren Brooks and Stetson Hairston), thanks for another memorable year of basketball. I'm so sad that they have to leave us..I'm gonna miss watching them play in salukis jersey. I hope they can have a great career right after they graduate, I know Darren is an NBA prospect and have been invited to the NBA camp, i hope he can make the second round draft if not the first round. Hmm now that I think about it.. i could have dated an nba i sound like a groupie..oh well but that's a whole other story..:P. On the's to another great season. Go Salukis!

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