On to the second round..

March 19, 2005

Oh sweet..finally we pulled out a win in the first round of the NCAA tournament after two years of dissapoinment when we lost only by one point!!. Finally the smack talking St. Mary's fans can shut their mouth. Next we'll take on Oklahoma State...and i have faith in my salukis..i believe we have a decent shot against them..and if we play 40 minutes of in-your-face defense and bring our A game..we can win this one out. Now let's the trash talking begin with the OSU fans..hehe..naahh I have been to the couple of their msg boards and they seem like a bunch of nice people, some are coming to our boards too and they are very respectful..maybe it's the southern's charm..or maybe not cause I know sooners fans are annoying to the bone!! But still..they all better go to church sunday morning and pray like they have never prayed before..hehehehe...!

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