Thankful List

November 30, 2003

Since it's thanksgiving week..I thought of sharing my thankful list here..

- I am thankful to be pregnant and still be pregnant..and that as far as I know my baby is healthy and growing right on track, this pregnancy has humbled me in more ways than anyone would think of

- I am thankful for my family who I'm extremely close with, for my wonderful hubby *ehm*..the way God brought us together is a miracle..

- I am thankful for the wonderful friends and everybody who's presence in my life makes it a joy

- Hmm..the list can go on and on down to the very little things *such as thankful that stretchmark is still nowhere in sight, etc etc*, i realized i have a lot to be thankful for..and i'm thankful for that fact..but now i. really. have. to. go.....tadaaa...

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