Fully booked

November 25, 2003

Just noticed that i have a full schedule this week...today was just like another monday..work and there were a lot of stuff that had to be done, mainly the database that consist of the people who are going to receive the fitrana money. If the Ied is tomorrow (which is most likely to be tomorrow) then i will pray in the morning at the St. Louis Community College, Forest Park..and then go pick up dendre at work around noon so he can come with me to my dr's appointment at 1.30, after that..dentist appointment is waiting at 3.15 for him..and then i will go straight to class from there all the way until 9. I have to work on wednesday..and go to carbondale right away after work for the basketball game, it's a 2 hours drive from here..so we probably will come back around mid-nite or so. And on thursday..we all gonna go to Springfield (about 1.5 hours away) for Ied open house..and then i have to work the next day...isn't that great that i still have to work on friday during the thanksgiving break?!?!..other people wake up early on that day to snatch some good thanksgiving sale deals at the mall but not me.. i will wake up early to go to work instead..hmm..something is definitely wrong here..*sigh*....but i'll try to take off early so we can go visit this new mall/outlet that just opened 2 weeks ago.

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