Oh shit it's Monday

for some reason i couldn't get back to sleep after sahur this morning..i guess part of it was because of the tea i had and also because of the acrobatic moves my baby always seems to perform whenever I'm about to sleep. So i've been awake since 4 in the morning...i was a bit sleepy when the clock hit 6 o'clock but then my alarm went off not long after that..*sigh*..time to get up and smell the monday morning weather!!!..I don't know how i'm going to function today..i guess i'll just be cranky all day long....*beware people*..teeheee....

On a happier note though...new gallery is installed *YAY*...thanks to my mastah, Thomas yang udah sabar banget ngajarin dan bantuin ngutak ngatik. I love this new gallery system..making uploading and managing images a lot easier.....

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