Nggak Penting

November 08, 2003

It's been a while since i've done one of these..nggak penting banget emang..:p


Wallet – a worn out Jones New York wallet that i've owned for a couple of years's bulky, has a lot of card slots, a picture slot, coins compartment, etc. I've been wanting to replace it but haven't found the one that i like

Hairbrush – I don't know..but it's black with rubber pad and nylon pins...I don't really brush my hair that much except right after I washed it, somehow it looks more manageable untouched...

Toothbrush – a blue oral B crossaction vitalizer

Pillow cover – greenish-grey, i got it from ikea

Blanket – the same set with the pillow cover with some beige lines

Coffee cup – don't have a fave one, i'll grab the first cup/mug that i spotted

Sunglasses - a big square frame with dark brown lenses

Underwear – boy short or low rider

Shoes – no high heels until January

Favorite top – my plain tiny tees

Cologne/Perfume – I have a lot..but my signature scent is W eau de parfum from Banana Republic

CD in stereo right now – Coldplay, Padi, Limp Bizkit, Danniel Benningfield.

Piercing – just ears (nose has closed up but thinking of getting it repierced!)

What you are wearing now – a dark blue athletic pants with drawstring and a grey tiny tee

Hair - shoulder length

Makeup – None currently...i've removed them all and put on some night serum

In my mouth – nothing..midnite snacking is not a choice for allowance is 4 pounds a month!!

In my head – the list of baby stuff we need to buy that I just created

Wishing – for the weekend to go by very sloooowwwwlllyyyy and for the baby to shift position so he doesn't use my bladder as a trampoline...

After this – heading to bed

The last thing you ate – spicy home made fried rice and tempe goreng tepung for dinner

Something that you are deathly afraid of - losing the people i love..=(

Do you like candles – yes yes..they are everywhere in my apt.

Do you like the taste of blood - hey what do you think i am..a dracula??

Do you believe in love – yes

Do you believe in soul mates – uh huh...

Can you eat with chopsticks – yes..but not really good at it though...

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