Sexual assault

July 09, 2003

kobe bryant is accused on sexual assault..hmmm that doesn't sound like him at all..*hihi..kaya kenal aja han?..:P*..well.. from what i've observed about him throughout his careers, the way he goes about his business and the way he conducts his life..this just makes me stunned...cause it's completely out of his characters....

..i think he is innocent...abis casenya juga nggak jelas, blom di kasih tau what kind of sexual assault it was, yang pasti it wasn't as serious as rape because they would call it rape instead of sexual assault if it had been a rape..right?? Trus juga nggak di kasih siapa nama cewe itu..maybe to cover her identity but it's just not fair that she remains unidentified while his name is being dragged every 5 minutes on cnn..and why did he get the arrest warrant only a few days after the incident while prosecutors were still mulling over the evidence anyway?..Biasanya kan case2 gitu take quite a while...beberapa bulan kemudian baru kedengeran..kenapa kesannya ini buru2 banget?..

so far, there isn't a story's probably just some chick trying to extort bucks from him.....c'mon kobe..please prove it ain't true...

Btw, have you heard the news about the Iranian twins?..they died in separation's a heartbraking condolences to the family and the team of doctors who tried their best to make the twins dream to reality..

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