Pengumuman pengumuman..

June 25, 2003 i'm not announcing that i'll be taking a hiatus trip..although it did cross my mind a couple times...but then i decided not to. But i do realize that i can't give as much effort towards this blog as i wish i would these i just wanna let you know that new posting will be scarce, i will be popping in with a new entry every now and then..but not on a regular basis...maybe once a week, or once in two weeks....or maybe once a month until..i don't know when..but hopefully not long!. Anyway..thanks for everybody who visits my blog everyday...i'm sorry if you expect to have something to read but only found yet another old posting everytime you come here....... case you're wondering what's up with me...hihi..well tell you what..i'm fine, some people take a break from this blogging world because they are too busy or they feel that they need to get their life back in order or they have slipped into depression, etc...but that is not the case with me. In fact, i'm happier than i have ever been in my entire life...and i'm at the stage where i wanna be right now..i guess that's why i want to hold on to it and keep it all to myself for a while....=)..

so..i guess i'll see you around peeps...=)

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