Kobe's Case

July 21, 2003

the case is getting interesting....there's more and more shady stories coming out about the girl..apparently she's known as an nba groupie...and she was overdosed on pills last month gara2 stress cowonya abis selingkuh ..so that explains a little bit about her state of mind....dan temennya ada yang bilang kalo dia ngelakuin itu cause she was desperate for his ex boyfriend's attention. A few of her friends were interviewed on tv..and let's just say they have the "hoes" written all over their faces. Trus a few of her high school friends were driving around town with FREE KOBE sign on the car....so she's far from the angel image that her supporters trying to portray...besides..who gets sexually assaulted then goes on a vacation?..oh...and i finally got her name and pictures...the pictures are supposedly accurate.....you can go to the link below to see



update: interesting news here..




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