Baby gotback

February 03, 2003

Ahaha, finally I’m able to type my fingers into this keyboard again and get in touch with the world wide web after a whole weekend with no connection. Somehow it felt OK not to be connected with the internet while I was in Jakarta but here with no internet connection??? It’s like you’re somewhere in the middle of nowhere without knowing what’s going on in other places. Anyway, there was no problem with my internet connection when I got back here but my cable TV got disconnected and when they reconnect my cable TV last friday, the internet went off. I guess the switch is connected somehow. But thank god the light in the modem is solid green this morning, meaning it works. Padahal kalo nggak I have to wait till Thursday for the technician to come,’s a happy note to start this week walaupun masih agak agak lesu juga sih. Wish I was home..*sigh* doh, maunya apa sih han… kemaren ketar ketir takut nggak dapet visa dan nggak bisa balik lagi kesini, sekarang udah balik kesini pinginnya pulang..Yah what can I say, part of me feels relieved to finally be able to come back here in one piece and continue our unfinished business. But part of me don’t want to leave home just yet.

Anyway, I just noticed I wrote something about visiting Bandung in my previous entry, but since we changed the departure date to two days earlier, we had to cancel the plan. Sebel juga siy, jadinya nggak sempet pergi ke luar Jakarta sama sekali, kalo dendre masih mending dia sempet pergi ke yogya for the first weekend we arrived. We were planning to go to Bali for the honeymoon, huhu…but we didn’t have enough time so we decided to just go to Singapore on the way back, with my mom, my sista and my brother. Disana dari minggu pagi sampe selasa malem. We stopped by in Singapore also on the way back to Jakarta last time, but only for one night but it was enough to refresh my memory about Singapore. I used to live there a long time ago for quite a short period. But it was long enough for me to get to know Singapore beyond Orchard road, to live like Singaporeans, went to school there and even speak singlish, haha…! Anyway, kemaren itu kita nggak kemana mana, paling ke tempat yang wajib wajib aja such as Far East Plaza, hihi, TOPSHOP and TOPMAN, and some stores in Wisma Atria. Trus sempet juga ke Bugis Junction trus went on a Duck Tour from Suntec City Mall *that was interesting*. Trus juga nggak lupa mampir ke Chinatown and since it’s close to the Chinese New Year, jadinya penuh dan meriah banget, they even closed at mid night. And that’s about it…

My mom’s flight was a couple hours early than mine, so after she left, kita yang madesu gitu di airport, went online and posted my previous entry, browsed the bookstore and grabbed some magazines, picked up the M.A.C’s Fix + Spray *a must for any jet setting lady*, enjoyed my last cup of Coffee Bean, sholat, and the plane was waiting by then. So there I was in 13 hours flight to Amsterdam and another 8 hours to Newark. And believe me, I know what a sore butt really feels like. Slept almost throughout the flight, didn’t even bother to check the movie, besides..the plane was the Boeing 747 Megatop, which is much older compare to the 777 I rode in when I went home. Jadi nggak asik nontonnya cause the screen is smaller and the movies were scheduled, meaning we can’t watch it in our convenient, harus ngikutin terus. Kalo yang di 777, we can watch the movie anytime we want and whenever we feel like sleeping we can just pause it and continue later. Nice heh?

So anyway, pas nyampe di Newark, unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem with my visa. In your I-20, you should have the admission number, and it needs to be the same even if you have transferred to a different school, and that’s their way to track you. Nah, nggak ngerti kenapa there were two different numbers in my record so they had to check and recheck everything, they brought me to another room. Untungnya sih emang nggak ada apa apa, they just assigned me which number to use. After that, I was free to leave. Kalo dendre, he needed to go to a special registration process, and it took about an hour. They took his fingerprints and took a photograph of him. Trus di tanya ini itu, family background and such but they were all nice though. They also asked him to show his credit cards, atm card, driver license , etc and they keep records of them.

Di Newark, kita janjian to meet with dendre’s sista who lives in upstate New York. Thank god they were late so they just got there when we came out. Kalo enggak kan takutnya mereka udah balik karena nungguin kita nggak keluar keluar. Anyway, so she was there with her newborn baby, her hubby and Mike. I have never seen the baby before since he’s only 2 months old and he was born a week before we were leaving to Jakarta so there was no way for us to visit her. The baby is cute, and he sure doesn’t look like a 2 months old since he’s quite big. Hope to see them again soom……..

After that, we took another 2 and a half hours flight and it closed the chapter of my vacation. Di itung itung lumayan lama juga kemaren di jakartanya, sekitar 50 harian, woohoo, that’s the longest vacation I have ever had, biasanya paling cuma 3 – 4 weeks aja.


Oh, last but not least, I want to send my deepest condolence untuk keluarga Alm. Tante Wisnani Safitri who was robbed and brutally slashed in front of her house and was died on her way to the hospital. A friend smsd me when I was still in Singapore, it was also on TV a couple times. You can read the news here, or here. Rampoknya ternyata udah ngikutin dari Alm. keluar dari Bank. Padahal, uang yang di ambil itu uang yayasan Darma Wanita yang mau di donasiin ke kuburan Sunan Gunung Jati, Cirebon. No wonder she refused to release it. Her son, Andi, went to the same high school with me, and also went to the same junior high school with Dendre. The Alm. and husband are close friends of dendre’s parents. So now the whole families are still in the state of shock. The first time I met her was when she came to the ‘pengajian’ in dendre's house that was held two days before our wedding and I could see right away that everybody adores her. Iya, orangnya baiiik banget, ramah, seneng bercanda sampe gue di cengin berkali kali..=), she always put on a Happy face. Waktu dia dateng aja orang orang yang langsung pada seneng gitu. She also came to our wedding reception, she was one of the VIPs guest. Still can’t believe this could happen to her. May God grant the whole family peace in this time of sorrow…Tabah ya ndi..*hugs*

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