February 19, 2003

I guess this post is just going to be a bunch of random stuff, with no coherent themes…

First of all, my deepest sympathy goes to the families and friends that are affected by the Chicago stampede tragedy. 21 people died and 57 were injured!!! And here comes the blame game, the city officials blaming the night club owner for having unsafe facility (lack of exits) whereas the owner blatantly blames the police for spraying the mace when it wasn’t a necessity to do so. And by the way, what did the pregnant woman do in a nightclub at 3:00 AM???? That’s definitely not a place to be when you’re carrying a child….

Something was caught in my throat when I just finished eating yesterday, it was not even funny cause it felt like a sharp object or something, if it was an undigested food then it supposed to go away once I consumed a lot of water right?? but it still stuck in there, and of course it irritated me. I tried to throw it out (now I make my self sound like a bulimic..hihi) by it wouldn’t come out. So I tried the other way, I constantly ate yesterday just so it would go down along with the foods but still no luck there. Went to the pharmacist and asked him if there is any medicine that would help but he said I just have to go to the doctor and let the doctor take it out!! Oh man….. But he did suggest me to try to eat banana which I already did. So I thought Okay I’ll wait till tomorrow (which is today) morning and if it still there I’d go see a doctor. Errgggh but I don’t wanna go to the doctor plus my insurance is not valid yet, I can only use it starting March 1. So I decided to just continuously pointing my finger down my throat till I finally reached the thing..aduuh ini kenapa pake di omongin disini sih han??..hehehe….udah ah, sorry for giving you this unpleasant reading…….! I’m fine now.. But I think my throat has a minor infection or something cause I have a hard time swallowing.

The weekend was OK, went for dinner at TGIF on Friday, no…it wasn’t for Valentine's day celebration, but because there was no food at home and we had TGIF gift certificate so why not use it right?. Lakers was on TV that night so of course as Kobe’s fan I had to sit down on the couch, put my glasses on and cursing at the referee..hehe. Watched the Salukis VS Bradley game on Saturday, it was a tight at the end so the game was stretched to over time but Kent Williams was fouled out..boohoo, he had to sat on the bench and we just couldn’t bring home the victory….How I wish we had won the game..

Stayed at home the whole day on Saturday cause it was snowing so hard I could barely see anything outside except the snow and snow only!!! The snow was even thicker on Sunday but since there was a Permias meeting and farewell for Mas Wahyu and MbaK Dewi who will continue their post Doctoral study in New Zealand, we just had to go. We went there with Ben and Rommy and we drove like 30 mile per hour the whole trip, it usually take us half an hour to get there but it took us one and a half hour this time..cause we had to move like a snail or otherwise our car would slide and ended up on its top.

I have finished Umar Kayam -Lebaran di Karet, di Karet- book, finished it in one go, iya lah..tipis kok bukunya, kumpulan cerpen cerpennya dia tentang lebaran di Kompas.

Hmmm anywaaay.... what else is new? Can you tell that I’m dead bored????

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