Happy Thanksgiving

November 30, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving everyone *i know..telat sehari*..but it still not too late to be thankful for your loved ones and for every single thing you have. Anywayss....thanksgiving reminds me of the first time I went to the US embassy in Jakarta to apply for a visa a couple of years back, 4 years ago to be exact. It was on november 28 and i went to the embassy bright and early in the morning, i remember my dad dropped me off there on his way to the office. Seperti biasa, banyak satpam satpamnya di depan embassy dan pas baru turun mobil tuh satpamnya nanya..."mau bikin visa ya mbak?", then i said yes, trus katanya "wah kedutaannya tutup mbak"...of course i was like.."heh? kok tutup? Dalam rangka apa?'....trus satpamnya bilang.."ini..katanya di Amerika hari ini hari terima kasih"...bingung lah gue...hari terima kasih??..apaan tuuh...and I kept thinking about it on the way home then it sudently hit me that what he meant was Thanksgiving Day, huehehehe..ya emang sih kalo di Indonesiain bisa juga di bilang hari terima kasih kali yaa...tapi aneh aja dengernya and it confused me a little there...haha...

Ergghh..i am still struggling with my assignment and i'm 4 days behind, i mean i have set up what i have to do and what i have to accomplish each day tapi yang ada mundur terus and it's near the deadline now.....huhu..

Ya sudah lah, i'm going out for shopping now..hehehe...abis mumpung lagi ada Thanksgiving Sale kan..toko2 udah pada buka dari jam 7 pagi..malah ada yang jam 5 pagi. I usually don't really care about thanksgiving sale, but since i need to do some shopping anyway, i might as well take advantages of the special ocassion...and check to see if there are some good deals i can't live without...teehee.......

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