November 07, 2002

I adore this city so much and no matter how many times I’ve been there, the city never fails to struck me in amazement whenever I spot the stunning skyline. I think It’s a cosmopolitan, elegant and sophisticated city that has a lot of things to offer from sports *Home of Chicago Bulls..go Jay William..home of Chicago bears, Chicago white sox, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks*, it’s also the Mecca of arts and home of over hundreds festivals held each year. Too bad I have never been to the Taste of Chicago. For the Jazz lovers, you need to stop by at the Jazz Record Mart for the world’s largest selections of vintage and modern jazz and blues music on vinyl and CD! . Trus kotanya juga banyak museumnya, If i'm not mistaken it has over 200 museums, dan juga ada the world’s largest library, ada three of the world’s tallest building (Sears tower, John Hancock and Amoco building).

The thing I like the most about Chicago is its cultural mix that makes it even more exciting to explore. Ada Greektown, Ukrainian Village, Andersonville (Swedish neighborhood and home to a large gay community), Chinatown, Mexican barrio and so many others. Makanya banyak bener stylish gorgeous girls here and there… running around with their dressy Gucci boots and Prada bags..makes me feel so unstylish. Anyways, for all of you who claim yourself as a shopaholic, you can’t miss Chicago as it’s the place to be, lots of upscale fashion store from Water Tower Place, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus to fancy boutiques featuring the latest fashions from Paris, London and Milan at the Oak Street. Michigan Avenue, State St, Ohio St and so many other streets are lines up with loft stores buildings.

Huhu, I can go on and on praising Chicago, nggak ada abisnya deh..! Anyway, so I went there last weekend, nothing extraordinary, just strolling down the avenue feeling like Chicagoans and cursing at pedestrian and the careless cab drivers..ahaha already I felt like I belonged there. Stopped by to eat at portillos , nggak pernah ketinggalan buat mampir ke portillos kalo kesana. Chicago banyak juga yah indonesianya..I saw a group of Indonesians in like every few blocks, lucu aja denger ada yang ngomong indonesia gitu, I usually just looking around tracing where it comes from whenever I hear it, hihi..mungkin buat yang laen udah biasa yah, but hey I went to college and spend the last 3.5 years *well up until last summerr* of my life in a remote lil town where the Indonesian population can be counted with my fingers, itu pun jarang ketemu. Kalo sekarang disini lumayan banyak, but still everybody is busy with their own things and plus this area is very dispersed jadi jarang ketemu, kecuali anak anak yang pada kerja di mall dan kalo nawarin sample dengan seenaknya tereak..”Ayam ayaaaaaam, siapa mo nyobain ayam kecap”..hihi….katanya sih biar ketemu orang Indonesia, ada ada aja deh.

Went to Ikea also, planning to buy lots of things but it’s so fucking crowded, jadi yang ada baru jalan beberapa langkah udah opps sorry, oppss excuse me….oppss bla bla bla, ribet and beside I think I have everything I need in my apt anyways and almost all of the stuff are Ikeas, need to buy lots of unnecessary thing. Kenapa ya, orang orang Indonesia disini kalo beli2 home furniture pasti di IKEA?..every time I go to an Indonesian's house, pasti deh..barangnya familiar semua dan malah sering punya barang samaan, ck ck

Well, that’s it about my Chicago report, I don’t feel really well today, been sneezing the whole time and shiiiitt it’s only 11.20 now and I am thirsty and I need my daily dose of ice coffee -sobs- There are construction workers working at the top of my roof since this morning and the constant bang-bang is giving me a pounding headache.

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