November 24, 2002

Finally Shaq made his return to the court last night, just in the right time cause Kobe needs a major help, the rest of the guys couldn't even make an open shoot. So (hopefully) Lakers will get back on track pretty soon, before last night game, the Lakers was the last in the pacific division, but now they the 5th (out of 8), not good but at least there’s progress there.

What else is new now??..I am now officially unemployed, yesterday was my last day as an Old Navy employee..*sigh* there goes my discount card. I’ll have to find a new job as soon as I get back here…….ooh how I wish I could go back to my previous employer. So much thoughts swimming around my mind about jobs related things lately, I feel like jotting them down here but if I do that it’s gonna take a while and I can’t waste my time just like that cause my assignments are waiting for me…..boohooooo…!

I have 2 final exams next Monday, well not this coming Monday but the following Monday, I have two 7 pages research papers and I have two presentations as well, and one assignment, and ooh I have to watch the 12 monkeys DVD for my class assignment. Ergh, mana lagi puasa lagi…well don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that it’s Ramadhan month but it seems that studying and fasting don’t go along together, hehe..especially when I couldn’t get my daily dose of coffee. Anyway, yea there’s just so many assignments that need to be done and sadly at the same time I have to take care of a lot of other things too since I’m going home in a matter of 10 days. I basically spent the whole day on Thursday confirming every single thing that I need to bring. I went to school to get my I-20 signed and picked up my spring class registration print out, I called my previous schools for transcript request, made a reservation for hotel in Singapore, called the airline to just re-confirm everything, etc, etc. I also called the US embassy in Jakarta just to make sure that no appointment is needed for returning students, and this stupid operator said that I do need to make an appointment and the earliest appointment I could get is end of February 2003…… my god I hate the Indonesian stuff in US embassy in Jakarta….semuanya udah pada berasa di atas angin banget like we need them so bad we would kiss their asses if we have to…heh, rese banget kan? Udah ngasih informasi nya salah lagi cause after that I emailed the embassy and asked the same question, and turned out that it’s walk-in only for all returning students…*sigh* lega bener deh…cause believe it or not, I almost throw in garage sale to sell all of my house ware..he he..

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