Who moved my cheese??

March 12, 2002

Ayoo siapa ayoo yang mindahin?..*lho kok*, hehehe…!!. Sebenernyaa..ini tuh judul buku as some of you are probably know or even have read the book. It’s an easy to read book, very thin book with big fonts, so an hour is probably what you need to finish it. Anyway, this book is about how different characters handle changes differently. Which one is going to extinct and which one is going to survive?

Overall, I think this is an OK book, nothing new and not an excellent self-improvement book. The book also doesn't convey a deeper message, as the message only revolves around the importance of embracing the change..blablabla..but doesn’t scrutinize all the details that needs to be considered. Well, since I got it at a used bookstore..i don’t regret buying the book, hihi.

So..while we're on that subject, let's talk a little bit about change....For me, i think changes are something that always going to happen to us no matter what and no matter how we want things to stay the way we like it, it is gonna change eventually and it’s inevitable!!..So, be prepared…don’t look at change as losing something, but look at it as gaining something..

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