Sweet Sixteen

March 20, 2002

Since we won the game over Texas Tech last friday, we advanced to the second round and had to face Georgia the bulldogs last sunday. Oh my god, we were on the verge of being embarrased in front of the whole nation for the first 10 minutes of the game, we were 19 points down and georgia was just bullied us around. It seemed like we had no chance to keep up with Georgia. But i guess miracle does happen because all the sudden, boom, we were back in the game, the team's spirit was just kinda picked up and we finally started to get the ball to the hole. JD was unstopable, he kept on rolling.. and Darren Brooks is the next best thing..! And once we took the lead, the fans in the whole united center arena went nuts and the rest of the night was our night, i still can't believe they pulled it through and came as the winner in the end because i think to come from 19 down to win is a statistical improbability, particularly coming from the lower seeded team.

So earlier tonight, the school conducted a pep rally to celebrate the victory and to wish them the best of luck in the next game which will be held this friday in Syracuse, NY and Uconn is gonna be our opponent this time. Everybody were there last night, cheering and enjoying the moment..it was cool and I bet by tomorrow the whole town will be decorated in maroon..and if we can take out Uconn, i'm sure people will go crazy here this weekend. Man, I still can't believe they made it to the sweet 16, that means we are one of the 16 best basketball team in the country..oh I've never been prouder to be a saluki. By the way, have you figured it out what a saluki is??..It's the kind of dog that can bite your ass up!

Sweet 16, oh so sweet..=)

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