March 14, 2002

I watched MTV last night, MTV is good when you haven't watched it for a while, but it stinks when you watch it everyday because reruns is all there is to it.

Anyway, there was the osbournes show last was hilarious..huaha...i wonder if it's a one time show or a sequence show cause i'm looking forward for the next one...!

They also showed MTV cribs last night...Travis' house -one of the guy in BLINK 182- is gotta be my favorite house by far, the decoration is such a fine taste of artistic minimalism. I love every single thing in there, the white/off white and black leather coaches, the living room table, the fishtank. I also love the TV room and the bedroom, i'm sure it feels nice and peaceful to be lying on the bed with noises of water sprinkle in the background.. and oh..i can't forget this, the swimming pool!!. The pool area looks very much like a tropical island somewhere..with palm trees and everything..just like heaven..*i think*..

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